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Adding Self Signed Certificates to Mac Keychain

So if you occassional run into situations where you want to test a website but you need to use self-signed certificates then you can simply import the certificate from Chrome into your keychain and stop getting those annoying ssl error messages.

Simply click on the lock icon with the x and then click the Details link. The Debug Console will open up with the security information. Simply click the ‘View certificate’ button. A drop down window will show the certificate with a little image of it. Drag and drop the image to your desktop.

Open your Keychain app and click on ‘File’ and then ‘Import Items…’

Find your certificate and select it for import. You will need to enter your admin password. After its in your list of System Certificates, double click on it and a new window will open up. Expand the Trust header and select ‘Always Trust’.

You will be asked to enter password again. After that, open a new browser window and you should now get the green lock and no more annoying ssl warnings: