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In Ruby the send method is a helper in passing a method and its arguments to the corresponding object. Its a way to DRY things up, but if you dont know what you are looking at, it can be really confusing.

class Report
  def basic
    “This is a basic report"

  def complex
    “This is a complex report"

@report =
@report.send(:basic)# same thing as @report.basic
>> “This is a basic report”

My initial confusion was in the context of a controller action ‘show’ —

  def show
    @sub_title = "Reports: " + @report.title
    respond_to do |format|

@report is instantiated in a before_filter based on what a user selected on the index page. In this particular case, self is the controller object, so you find the @report.type which is the report type attribute, is also a method within the controller.

Lets call type in the this case ‘basic’, so you would find in the controller(in my case) a method corresponding to it…although,I would likely move this to a controller helper to keep the controller skinny.

  def basic

As you can imagine, this gives you alot of flexibity in building out templates and supplying the needed objects to each report.


I love finding resources that help me do life.

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